Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My next project

My friend Deb & her husband have been doing a ton of work on their house...Deb is the master of re-painting & making stuff look new again.  She has inspired & motivated me BIG TIME!  So here's my latest project inspired by DEB!!!

Before (very dated but very sturdy night stands):

After a couple of coats of paint but not done yet:


My 6 year old has decided that she still wanted her table & chair set but that she had outgrown the Dora theme.  SO....I re-did it for her.  I love the end result!  I think it turned out so cute!  The black is actually a chalk board that I painted on the table using chalk board paint.  The decals I found on clearance at Michael's for next to nothing!


After 5 coats of paint, 3 coats of chalkboard paint & some adorable decals:

I also found a fun & cute little project using plastic containers!!! 



For this project I soaked & washed the container so that I could get the label off.  I used scrapbooking supplies I had on hand along with Mod Podge glue.  This was a gift for my friend Molly.  She absolutely loves it!!!



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