Monday, May 11, 2009

My last decluttering laundry room/scrapbooking area!

My scrapbooking corner

After a week of feeling horrible due to allergies...I took my anger & frustration out on my laundry room. I should have taken before pics! This is a huge improvement....10 shredder bins later & 3 huge bags of trash....this is what I had left! My scrapbooking area is VERY organized now & I can actually work in the area! I am thrilled! find the time to scrapbook!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yard Sale Sucess!!!

One small bag.....that's all that remains from the mountain of baby items that were once stacked in my garage & stored under my house. My husband and son didn't even get the crib & changing table out of my mini van to set it up at the neighbors before someone came running to ask me how much I wanted for it!!! I am sure I could have gotten more but I asked for $40 for the set. I wanted it gone!!! The girl bought it along with the Classic Pooh bedding for it for a total of $60. A steal to say the least, but isn't that what yard sales are all about??? As the day progressed, things that weren't moving got marked down...eventually I was left with a handful of items on a table. I couldn't be more excited....Here's a picture of my beautiful & clean garage along with the small bag of what is left for donations to be picked up on Monday. I am terribly excited!!!

Yard Sale Day!!!

Today is the day!!! Our community garage sale day! I am excited b/c I am hoping to get rid of the remaining baby items that are stored in my garage & make a little cash in the process. I am praying that the rain holds off though!! I don't have much left to sell & I am pricing it to move. I don't want it & it needs to go! What doesn't sell today will be picked up by the Vietnam Vets on Monday. I scheduled the pick up several days ago.

Decluttering the garage has been a long & tedious process and I am relieved that today will be the final day of the big decluttering. All that remains is a day in the garage with the shredder! Our garage has been cluttered since the day we bought the house in 2003! Wooo hooo!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

When I get on a roll!

My linen closet. It was a disaster but after about a 1/2 hour, I had 2 bags of trash & a clean & organized closet!!!

Look at this mess....then the ahhhhh-fter!

Declutting Diva Mode

See what a disaster it was before!!! Yikes!!!

Spring has sprung in my little corner of the world here in OH! Once it hits, I instinctively become a decluttering diva. I love to declutter & organize. Sometimes, I wonder if that's why I let things get out of hand again! LOL!
I can now easily locate everything in my closet. I also find that I do not dread putting away my laundry b/c there is room and a place to put it away!



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