Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yard Sale Sucess!!!

One small bag.....that's all that remains from the mountain of baby items that were once stacked in my garage & stored under my house. My husband and son didn't even get the crib & changing table out of my mini van to set it up at the neighbors before someone came running to ask me how much I wanted for it!!! I am sure I could have gotten more but I asked for $40 for the set. I wanted it gone!!! The girl bought it along with the Classic Pooh bedding for it for a total of $60. A steal to say the least, but isn't that what yard sales are all about??? As the day progressed, things that weren't moving got marked down...eventually I was left with a handful of items on a table. I couldn't be more excited....Here's a picture of my beautiful & clean garage along with the small bag of what is left for donations to be picked up on Monday. I am terribly excited!!!

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