Thursday, May 10, 2012

Running on empty.....

Like so many of my friends & neighbors....I am running on empty.  Between soccer, swim, Girl Scouts and social comittments, there's not much time left to relax.  It's almost comes to an end on the 19th.  I have enjoyed watching B play and seeing her truly enjoy a sport.  A big change from last fall's season of cheerleading.  She doesn't dread practice or the games.  Her only complaint?  Getting up early for games on Saturday.  Mind you, she's had 1 of those to date.  The second and last one comes on the last day of the season. 

I thought that this year, I would have less on my plate as I let go to several time consuming volunteer comitments and I would be down to juggling a schedule for one child since D graduated last June.  It seems I am busier than ever!    I look back and wonder how I juggled the schedule of myself, my husband and 3 kids!  We moms just suck it up & charge forward.  We do what needs to be done even if we run on empty we find that there are rewards along the way that fill us up.  Doing good deeds & nice things for others, seeing a smile spread across a face of child & knowing there's pure joy & delight behind it, so many other things...I try to find those things in each day as I find myself dragging.  I cling to the compliments, smiles & laughs to help me push onward.  I am fortunate to be healthy and have healthy children...others I know do not have that & it's hard to be a bystander in those situations.  I do what little I can to help knowing that every little thing that someone does is a help & blessing to that family.  So while I run on empty a few more weeks, I count my blessings & know that I will do it all again &'s just part of who I am. 

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