Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pinterest...I don't just pin it...I try it

Pinterest....a serious addiction.  A woman's wish list of crafts, DIY projects, recipes, wardrobes, hairstyles and the list goes on.  One can easily burn through hours viewing & pinning everything that their heart desires.  Although I know a lot of pinning goes on, most women I know don't end up actually trying many of these things that they pin.  Those that do, share their successes & failures.  I have tried a few things....a few have been a success...a few have been failures.  Mostly failures for my lack of patience with the project.  The most recent success is this yummy recipe!  I love buffalo wings.  They are not very healthy.  This is a pretty good alternative for the buffalo wing lovers in our house.  A Pinterest success!  Yippee!!!  This blog below is fantastic & is where I tracked down the buffalo chicken in a crockpot recipe. to my other attempts at creating the masterpieces I see on Pinterest...well....more on those later.

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