Saturday, July 7, 2012

10 things that make me smile

It's tough to narrow it down to 10 things...these however are the 10 most common things for me these days....When I am having a bad day, these are the things that bring a smile to my face.

  1. My husband's twisted humor
  2. My daughter's laugh and silly sayings
  3. Almost anything my 19 year old says these days....he's still in the "I believe everything other people tell me" phase of his life.
  4. My granddaughter...especially now that she's cooing and smiling.
  5. My friend Deb's's contagious.
  6. Tosh.O, it's a guilty pleasure.
  7. Any time I get to spend with my mommy friends....there are just so many things to laugh & smile at during those conversations and the rare girls' night out.
  8. My son's high school friend Mike.....he's goofy and he says it like it is...he always makes me laugh.
  9. Hearing tales of new parenthood from my son & daughter-in-law.
  10.'s so hard to be in a foul mood when the sun is shining...unless it's 105 & you are NOT in the pool or in AC ;0)
  11. OK...I couldn't keep it at 10.....the crazy text messages I get from my friends Jenny & Rhiannon that literally make me LOL in the middle of the day!

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