Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have some truly amazing friends.....One of my friends & I were emailing back & forth one day last week....the day AFTER I posted about tipping my toes in the sea of depression.  She offered up some "unsolicited advice" (her phrase).  She had not read my blog post yet she had hit the nail on the head in her email to me.  Just the thought that she knew me well enough to know what I was feeling without me coming out & telling her spoke volumes to me.  A few years ago, I did not know her & now I wonder how I managed without the incredible blessing of her friendship.  She is not only my friend & neighbor, she's an amazing person!  She's helped me see things in a different way more than once.  Her unsolicited advice was what I needed to hear.  It helped me so much.  Friends are such an amazing blessing....I am truly blessed by all of mine but last week, especially blessed by one sweet friend in particular!  Thank you!!!!

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