Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting back into routines

No, it's not time for school to start yet but I've realized something about summer.  I let all the routines go...all of them.  No more family dinners, no more super strict bedtimes (for any of us), no more menu planning, etc.  That's great for a few weeks...but WOW!  It soon takes its toll on things. My daily load of laundry has been forgotten about, which ends up leaving me with mounds of laundry, to wash, dry, fold & put away rather than putting away a load a day (or every other day as the amount of laundry demands).  Dinner became hot dogs, peanut butter & honey sandwiches or whatever could be heated up in the microwave in a matter of minutes to feed a kid who comes home from daycamp starving.  Parents & child are tired, very tired...all week, not just Monday.  So this week, I'm trying to get us back to routines.  Here are the goals for the week:

  • Dinner as a family 5 out of 7 days
  • 1 load of laundry every 2 days to be washed, dried, folded & put away
  • Menu plan for the week: 
    • Monday - sloppy joes, mac & cheese with fresh veggies
    • Tuesday- leftovers unless hubby decides to cook since we have an appt. from 5-6
    • Wednesday - spaghetti, salad & garlic bread
    • Thursday - leftovers
    • Friday - chicken tacos/nachos
    • Saturday - pork chops, rice & california blend veggies
    • Sunday - lemon chicken, rice, salad & fresh veggies
  • Regular bedtimes for myself & my daughter
Last night was a success for the family meal.  We had a nice dinner, cleaned up together then enjoyed watching TV together, all three of us.  This is unusual.  I ran errands & still had time to spend with my daughter, just her & I talking while I painted her nails in the colors of her choice.  Bedtime was a bit off schedule but not too far behind.  It was worth it since I got to spend that time with my daughter.  She even seemed a little happier this morning when I woke her.  We'll see how tonight goes!

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