Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's far too early in the game to get too excited but Tuesday night was a success.  There was a set back though - doctor's appointment was canceled & no inkling when it will be rescheduled!  Grrr....ONWARD though!  I moved spaghetti night to Tuesday in light of the fact that we didn't HAVE to have leftovers.  Now, Wednesday and Thursday will be leftover nights instead.  The evening was spent doing the following:

  • hubby took over making dinner when he got home!
  • vacuumed upstairs & downstairs
  • cleaned downstairs bathroom- didn't mop
  • folded 3 loads of laundry - washed 2.  I found a load that had been sitting in the dryer since Sunday.  Dry thank goodness, just needed to be fluffed up & folded! - all 3 loads put away!!!
  • clothes for next day laid out for myself & daughter
  • lunches packed, coffee maker ready
  • helped B clean the playroom/den - O M GOSH.....What a nightmare & it's not over!  American Girl stuff EVERYWHERE!!!  - however, this was an opportunity for us to hang out and talk, which was nice.
  • had a nice dinner as a family, everyone helped clean up
  • took B out for ice cream
  • Got us to bed on time!!

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