Friday, February 26, 2010

I love Laura & I love

I have to say...I love Laura & I love Her posts are inspirational & motivating. She also has taught me that I am not alone in being self-professed organizing junkie! Organizing provides me with an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that few things have provided me. The benefits of being organized seem to be endless.....being organized creates more time (something every mom needs! Aren't we always saying that there are not enough hours in the day?), less clutter (mentally, for me this is huge. I find clutter to be a mental roadblock!), more space, ability to know what you have on hand....and on and on!

I have been plugging along with the 28 day organizing challenge & tackled some of my most problematic areas in my home. Areas that desperately needed to be organized & decluttered! I would have had more to share as far as pictures go but on January 1, I spent the entire day cleaning, decluttering & organizing my kitchen & dining room. Getting the biggest & most cumbersome projects out of the way first is important....I did that. I have been in heaven when I have to be in my kitchen ever since! I can find anything I need out there! I know where it all is! I even have organized "junk" drawers. Everything has a home & can easily be located. I am stickler for it all getting put back where it belongs too!

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