Sunday, February 20, 2011

CVS Clearance deals

Yesterday I ran to CVS to arm myself with disinfectant to rid the house of the sickie germs that have taken it over & stumbled upon some fantastic deals when coupled with coupons!

Speedstick deodorant (Irish Spring scent) @ $1.89 + $1 off coupon = $.89
Colgate Wisp (cinnamon) $1.49 + $1 off coupon =  $.49
Nivea for men High Performance Shave Gel $2.14 + $1 off = $1.14
Pantene Classic Style Gel $1.37 + buy 2 get $1.00 off = $.87 each
Crest Pro Health for Sensitive teeth $1.99 + $1 off coupon +$.99 (normally I don't even pay for toothpaste but I am having sensitivity issues so I really wanted to try this!)

I also scored a great deal on Bounty Paper towels on sale for $5.88 & I had a $1 off coupon making an 8 pack of them $4.88!
34 oz liquid Downy on sale for $3.99 + $1 off coupon + $2.99
Gain liquid dish soap = $.88 + $1.00 off coupon = maker!!!
26 count of Cascade Complete $ 5.99 + $1 off coupon +$4.99

We are seriously stocked up on paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, fabric softener, dish soap----hand wash & for the dishwasher, shave gel, hair gel & well as cereal for quite some time.  Not just from this find but from the past couple of months using my coupons & the blogs that match the coupons with the sales.  Sometimes you just stumble upon things like these clearance deals.  Earlier in the week I ran across Ziplock brand freezer bags, gallon & quart size for $1.99....they were the Christmas bags.  WHO CARES!  I had coupons for buy 2 & save $1.  I loaded up for that price...I forgot to add that we are set with freezer, sandwich & snack baggies.  I loaded up on the ziplock sandwich & snack baggies today at Target.  3 boxes for $6 (and some change).  I bought 6 boxes, used my coupons which totaled $3 off.  These were packages of 100 count baggies on sale for $2.23 each.  The total ending being $1.50/box.  You can't buy the Kroger brand baggies for that price!

Other Target deals included stacking Target coupons with manufacturer coupons on products like Tide Febreeze Sport, Charmin & Bounty!  There are also a lot of clearance items in Target in the cleaning & beauty isles that you will probably find you have coupons for.  We are in great shape with our cleansers & shampoos & conditioners as well thanks to clearance items & coupons!

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