Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday's project~Organizing the linen closet

Again...another one of those things when I should have taken some before shots of the closet, but I didn't bc once I made up my mind to get busy, I just did it!  I went to put towels away & ended up pulling everything out!  Since I have discovered the marvels of couponing, I have a nice stock pile of various personal care items & they were not in the best order.  They now are!  I can find what I need very easily.  More importantly, so can everyone else & I hopefully will not open the linen closet to find a mess of items randomly shoved around in there.  That drives me NUTS!  We'll see how it works!

In the big bin with the blue tag I have toothpaste & mouthwash.  It is  clearly labeled so digging should not be necessary anymore!

Top shelf baskets, large bin holds Bella's nebulizer, tubing & medication for it.  The small basket in the front holds floss & toothbrushes

various soaps

Shaving supplies

First aid items

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