Saturday, July 18, 2009

Q & A - How Do You....

A fellow blogger in my Cafe Mom group Blogging Moms recently asked:
I also love to organize, but unfortunately there never seems to be enough time, and I only have one child.
So how do you find the time???? Great blog!
After reading Michelle's Question I decided to do a Q & A each week, providing that I get questions either via my Cafe Mom Blogging Moms group or via other blogging mommies. I will answer almost any questions...if I feel that they are objectionable or too personal, I will let you know but the questions do not have to relate exclusively to organizing, de-cluttering, etc.
Organizing is a hobby for me, much like scrapbooking (this is also a hobby of mine) so I pick a project & set aside time to work on it. I usually try to think about what I want to do & plan it out before I jump in. If I want to spot organize my kitchen cabinets, I will often do it while dinner is cooking since I am already in the kitchen. I may only organize 1 or 2 cabinets but I have accomplished something during that time. Some of my organizing projects take several days where I have to go back to finish or tweak it. I sometimes do it in 15 minute intervals, you can organize a lot in 15 minutes....for example in 15 minutes you can do any one (or more) of the following:
  • clean out & organize your purse (I sometimes do this while sitting in a waiting room or in the drive-thru at the bank if there is a long line)
  • clean out 1 junk drawer
  • organize 1 kitchen cabinet
  • sort through a pile of magazines, catalogs & newspapers
  • sort mail, shred paid bills & junk mail
  • update your calendar with bill due dates & appointments
  • clean old food out of your fridge
  • plan your weekly menu for your family
  • check & delete clean out your email in box
  • straighten up your entryway closet
  • straighten a dresser drawer

Remember to set a timer for 15 minutes! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 15, imagine what you can do if you can set aside 30 minutes! Always remember though...set the timer!!!


  1. Hey!! It's so nice to meet another organizer, and THANKS so much for promoting my site. Your comments on my blog were so sweet! It seems like we are WIRED the same way.. cleaning out the purse in the middle of the doctors office? check. cleaning the cupboard while making/ burning dinner? check. You seem like you have to be organized to manage your business and famiy! What a neat blog also!

  2. Thanks for this post. I appreciate it and you've given some great tips to those of us who think that there is no time for organizing. I will definitely use some of these tips. I've already been out shopping for supplies to create some sort of "Command Center". I love it!

  3. Another great tip from the Organization Queen!! Thanks!! And you're so right about 15 minutes at a time... thats all it takes!!




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