Saturday, July 25, 2009

Q & A---What is Upside Down Pizza-Recipe for Upside Down Pizza

I am often asked for this recipe. It's quick, easy & a family favorite in my house.

2 1/2 pounds of ground beef or turkey (I brown & freeze mine ahead of time so I can have this ready in no time)
2 jars of pizza quick sauce
favorite pizza toppings
sour cream
pizza cheese
1 can of crescent rolls

preheat oven to temperature listed on crescent roll package
13 x 9 in pan--I use a glass one b/c the clean up is easier
Brown meat & drain grease
mix 2 jars of pizza sauce with meat & spread in bottom of pan
put pizza toppings on
Put sour cream in lines in between pepperoni . I usuall go from top to bottom, not lengthwise (if you use a squeeze bottle of sour cream it's easier)
put your cheese on across entire pan of mixture & toppings
unroll can of crescent rolls & put on top of mixture

bake at the temperature on the crescent rolls...usually a couple of minutes longer that it says on the can. I just watch it until it's golden brown.

My kids LOVE this & their friends ask to be invited over for dinner when I make it


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